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Complex Networks 2019 Satellite: Social Good
Dec 09, 2019, 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM GMT
Room E008 Jimmy Zeng & Zin Yi Auditorium,
2775-405 Carcavelos, Portugal

Data and Network Science for Social Good

People and Societies | Biology and Medicine

The International Conference on Complex Networks and their Applications brings together an impressive number of researchers from different scientific multi-disciplinary communities that are shaping the field. The conference focuses both on theoretical contributions and on empirical research. Indeed, one of the key goals of this conference is fostering the intersection between theory and practice. In line with this goal, the conference’s local organising committee will host a satellite event on December 9th, 2019 at NOVA SBE Carcavelos campus from 9h00 to 18h00. This event will include talks and discussion panels by key researchers on how new empirical research and theoretical advances, both in network science and complex systems, are being translated into measurable benefit for society at large. A growing number of scholars working in various disciplines that rely on Complex Systems and Network/Data Science methods are becoming involved in projects in which measurable positive societal impact is an explicit goal. One example is the Data Science for Social Good Fellowship that started at the University of Chicago in 2013. The goal of this program is to train junior data scientists to work on data mining, machine learning, big data, and data science projects with social impact that is both measurable and accountable.

Make sure you register, we only have a limited number of places for this event. Also, stay tuned for details on our key speakers, discussion panels and specific topics that will be published as we get near to the event's day.


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Prof. Leid Zejnilovic will open the satellite with a presentation about the Data Science for Social Good Foundation, including its current growth plans.

09h30 - 12h30

People and Societies

One of the big areas in which Data and Network Science have a huge potential to make people's lives better is concerned with people's interactions in increasingly hyper-connected social networks. This three-hour session will benefit from short talks by top researchers in this area along with open discussion including the audience.

12h30 - 13h30


Bring your own, or get your lunch around Nova SBE in Carcavelos.

13h30 - 16h30

Biology and Medicine

The amounts of data we now have on molecular interactions affecting biochemical regulation and signalling have allowed for the fast evolution of fields like Systems/Computational Biology, where network models play a critical role in the understanding of disease. Similarly, huge amounts of data make it possible to model epidemics, discover interactions between medicines through social networks and so on. This three hour session will be used by top researchers in these areas to present new results and discuss with the audience the ways in which advances in the state of the art can reach and benefit as many people as possible.

16h30 - 17h00


Professor Luís Rocha will bring the different topics of discussion and the ideas of the two main sessions to a conclusion. The idea is to bring our attention to the aspects of Data and Network Science  for  Social Good that may be more domain independent, and thus more universally applicable.

17h15 - 18h00

Portuguese Chapter in Complex Networks

Professor Rosário Laureano from ISTAR (ISCTE-IUL) Will speak about some ideas, plans and motivations to create a stronger and more cohesive research community in Complex Networks in Portugal.


Our Speakers


Johan Bollen

Sara Madeira

Francisco Santos

Daniela Paolotti

Luís Rocha

Manuel Marques-Pita

Joana Gonçalves-Sá

Ciro Cattuto

Claudi Bockting

Qiwei Han

Luís Amaral

Leid Zejnilovic


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